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Special threaded iItems

ART 88752 Spring flap bolts

Brass male and female sets

DIN 15237 Conveyor belt screws

DIN 3404 Greesing niples

DIN 464 Knurled thumb screws

DIN 580 Lifting eye bolts

DIN 582 Lifting eye nuts

DIN 663 Knurled thumb screws low type

DIN 71412 Lubricating nipples

DIN 71752 Fork joints

DIN 71802 Angle joints

DIN 906 Hexagon socket pipe plugs

DIN 908 Hexagon socket screw plugs

DIN 910 Hexagon head screw plugs

DIN 975 Threaded rods metric

Eye bolts heavy type

Eye bolts light type

Hooks heavy type

Hooks light type

Special screws

Studbolt A193-B7

Threaded rods for electrical appliances

Threaded rods inch

Trapezoidal threaded bars

Trapezoidal threaded nuts
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