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Locking washers


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DIN 127 Spring lock washers

DIN 128 Spring lock washers

DIN 137 A Spring wave washers

DIN 137 B Spring wave washers

DIN 2093 A Disc springs heavy type

DIN 2093 B Disc springs light type

DIN 25201 Nord-Lock washers

DIN 6797 A Toothed lock washers external

DIN 6797 I Toothed lock washers internal teeth

DIN 6798 A Toothed lock washers external teeth

DIN 6798 I Toothed lock washers internal

DIN 6798 V Toothed lock washers cone

DIN 74361 C Spherical spring washers

DIN 7980 Spring lock washers for Allen screws

Lock washers in inch

Serrated S for 8,8 screws

Serrated VS for 10,9 screws
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